Tile Care And Maintenance Tips

Normal maintenance of glazed floor tile consists of nothing more than sweeping, vacuuming or dry or damp mopping with clean, clear water. It should not be necessary to use any type of detergent on a glazed tile floor since the detergent can leave a film that will dull the appearance of the tile. In the case of a glazed floor tile with a high-gloss finish, one cap-full of white vinegar or ammonia can be added to one gallon of warm water to dissipate any water streaks.

If a cleaner must be used on a glazed tile floor, a commercial tile cleaner or a solution of soapless detergent may be used. The surface should be scrubbed, rinsed thoroughly with clean water and dried.

For heavy duty cleaning, a very mild solution of phosphoric or sulfamic acid based cleaner may be applied after initial curing stage ( 30 days after installation ). Gentle agitation and a thorough rinsing should rid the tile of any residue or soil. Never use hydrofluoric or muriatic acids on tile or grout.

Glazed Wall Tile

Normal maintenance of glazed wall tile used on countertops and light duty floors usually consists of wiping with a damp cloth or sponge. The use of multi-purpose household cleaners or window cleaners is acceptable as long as any cleaner residue is removed with a clean water rinse.

Shower areas generally require more periodic cleaning in order to remove soap scum, body oils and hard water deposit buildup. Normally, shower areas may be cleaned by spraying an all-purpose cleaner on the tile, letting it stand for 3-5 minutes and then rinsing. A white vinegar and water solution should remove most hard water stains.

To remove mildew we suggest a commercial tile cleaner, commercial fungicide, chlorine bleach or ammonia. If discoloration remains, a bleaching agent (chlorine bleach or hydrogen peroxide)wiped over the area should remove it. All treated areas should be rinsed well and wiped dry with a clean, soft towel.

Care and Maintenance Do’s and Don’ts

• Do test cleansing agents in a small area before applying to entire installation.
• Do apply grout sealer after grout has had time to cure (approx. 14 days).
• Do read cleansing product directions thoroughly prior to use.
• Do routine maintenance of your tile.
• Do use clean, clear water when cleaning your tile.

• Don’t combine ammonia and bleach
• Don’t use hydrofluoric or muriatic acids on tile or grout.
• Don’t use steel wool or colored cleansing agents.
• Don’t use detergent, petroleum or animal fat-based cleaners.
• Don’t wax your tile.

Recommendations For Spot Cleaning

The following spot cleaning tips are to be used as a guide only. Commercial tile cleaners are developed for the sole purpose of properly caring for your tile and should always be considered before attempting to remove difficult stains. A variety of formulas are available to accommodate a multitude of stains. Consult a tile center for specific commercial cleaner suggestions.

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