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Best Bench Grinder 2019 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to certain works like heavy duty sharpening, grinding, polishing among others, using crude and manual methods is a daunting job that has, over time, proven challenging and time-wasting. The invention of bench grinders was the best idea one could ever imagine. It comes as a rescue and facilitates fast works not to mention its versatility; it can be adapted to carry out certain jobs in your workshop. With a plethora of these products on the market, buying one has never been as easy as you would think. Many people looking to purchase a bench grinder sometimes do not know what to look for. Luckily, the following best bench grinder review and buyers guide should help you decide which one suits your preference.

Best Bench Grinder 2019

Special Features
Metabo DS 200 Editor Choice3570

1 year

Sunex 5002A3450
1 year
JET JBG-8A3450
2 years
SKIL 3380-013450
1 year
WEN 42763450
work light
2 years
Check Price
Slow Speed Grinder
1 year
TruePower 199 Mini0-10000110
1 year
Delta Power Tools 23-1972000-3400
1 year
Porter-Cable PCB525BG2000-3400
1 year
Genesis GBG800L3550
2 years

10. Genesis GBG800L – Highly stable grinder

The last bench grinder on our list is Genesis GBG800L; another unique tool that has been made with your sharpening needs in mind. It sports a relatively silent motor allowing for smooth operations as it leads to the production of fewer vibrations. It has adjustable gooseneck lamps that render it ideal for low lighting works. Genesis grinder sits on a firm and durable base that is constructed from cast iron. This allows for stability during the sharpening or grinding operation. Its wheels, like many other grinders on the market, are differentiated to work on grits of either medium or coarse texture. This bench grinder is capable of both light works and heavy-duty projects in your workshop or the industry.

  • It is a heavy-duty bench grinder; suitable for many projects at home or in the industry
  • It has a durable construction
  • It is highly appreciated for its stability
  • It has minimal vibrations and is best for smooth operations
  • Although it is suitable for heavy-duty projects, its motor isn’t that strong
  • Setting it up for the first time might be a little tricky for amateurs
  • Over time, the wheels get wobbly

9. Porter-Cable PCB525BG 6” – Best Variable Speed Bench Grinder

This is one of the best variable speed bench grinders that can handle any task put before it. It comes with wheels for both medium and coarse grinding both with a 0.75-inch width. It is equipped with an on/off switch, which is easily located and operated even in the dark, thanks to the its lamp, which apparently needs a 40-watts bulb to work. Its gooseneck lamp is also equipped with amazing adjustability features. It has the same variable speeds like the Delta Tools, which allows it to operate on various projects: large or small. It has tool rests that are highly adjustable and are built from aluminum casts. Power Cable bench grinder comes with a groove in the tool rest that renders drill bit sharpening something so easy. It is also equipped with a wheel dresser that necessitates easy cleaning.

In addition, it comes accompanied by eye shields, spark guards, and a detachable cooling tray to prevent overheating.
  • Removable cooling tray for overheating prevention
  • Has a great performance
  • Highly recommended for tool sharpening
  • Its build is durable
  • The wheels tend to get wobbly
  • It doesn’t have a means locking the shaft to enable one to change its wheels

8. Delta Power Tools 23-197 8-Inch – Best Heavy-Duty and Home Use Grinder

Coming from one of the best reputable companies for workshops products, the Delta Power Tools is one of the best bench grinders with great durability and a strong build. It features a rugged structure with an appealing design that makes it suitable for amazing performance without much trouble. It is equipped with speed variability that lets you adjust the speed from 2000 to 3400 RPM. It has tool rests with milled slots on them. It is ideal for sharpening drill bits and lathe materials because of its variable speed capability. With positive reviews on the internet, it is a clear indication that this tool meets a user’s expectation. The Delta Tools comes with an induction type of motor with two wheels and produces an efficient and smooth grinding or sharpening. One is suited for 36 grit wheel grinding while the other one is a 60-grit wheel for medium and coarse grinding or sharpening respectively.

  • It is ideal for both home use and heavy-duty grinding or sharpening
  • With its features, it comes with a surprisingly great value
  • It is stable and produces fewer vibrations
  • It is strong and highly durable
  • Comes with a water cup for cooling the material being ground or sharpened
  • Its operation is noisier if you compare with other bench grinders
  • Some users have reported poor quality of the clamping washer
  • Like other bench grinders, its wheels get wobbly at times

7. TruePower 199 Mini – Best Multipurpose Bench Grinder

Coming with a 150-watt speed motor, TruePower mini is a tool unlike many other mini-grinders on the market. It is versatile and is designed to handle almost all types of grinding materials. It boasts a unique speed regulator that can adjust to speeds of up to an impressive 10 000 RPM! It comes with a grinding wheel, a 31-inch flex shaft for customizations even in the most awkward positions and a polishing wheel made of fiber. In the case of flying bits of ground material and should the grinding wheel crack, for your safety, TruePower 199 Mini comes with a safety guard, which will always keep you safe.

Even for amateurs who have never used a bench grinder before, this tool comes easy to setup and features a tool rest that makes it easy to use and provides of stability.
  • It is versatile and comes with a variable speed control ability
  • It is highly durable
  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • Comes with a fiber polishing wheel
  • A 3 inch of grinding wheel is also available
  • Highly inappropriate for heavy duty projects
  • Some users find it difficult to set it up on a stable platform

6. POWERTEC BGSS801 – Best sharpening and light grinding tool

The uniqueness of this bench grinder is one that makes it the ideal tool for your workshop. It in an 8-inch grinder with low speeds that can regulate the overheating tendency of materials being ground. It has a relatively powerful motor that operates smoothly with little noise unlike other bench grinders with almost the same specifications. Have I mentioned that its wheels are only an inch wide? Coupled with the inch-wide wheels, it comes with two wheels of 120 grit and 60 grit which are made of white aluminum oxide that reduces the heat production and overproduction during the grinding process. The vibrations, as well, are greatly minimized with a strong base made of steel, which consequently acts as a stabilizer. Furthermore, unlike many other bench grinders with motors and wheels that get in the way while grinding great materials, Powertec BGSS801 motor has been fitted in the lower end of the grinders and runs perfectly well. I would highly recommend this tool for fast and quick works.

  • It has an amazing look with great polish and construction that makes it very durable
  • It produces fewer vibrations and operates smoothly with little noise
  • It regulates the exposure of materials to heat
  • Has an inch-wide wheels
  • It is the best for sharpening and grinding lightweight materials
  • When it comes to industrial or heavy-duty use, it is not the ideal grinding tool
  • Some units come with wobbly and flimsy wheels

5. WEN 4276 6-Inch – Best for Home Use

This product comes with features so amazing that they will impress you from the first day of use. It runs highly efficiently and smoothly like no other bench grinder. It has hardly noticeable vibrations and is compact and lightweight, which is ideal for anyone looking to buy a reliable bench grinder. It comes with an adjustable lamp light and transparent shields for protection. The guards and lights also provide close looks to the grinding work and facilitate accuracy. WEN4276 comes with rubber feet to hold it securely in place. However, it is more appropriate to bolt it securely to the surface you are working on, as it is lightweight. It is significantly disadvantaged when it comes to bolting it down on the bench. The motor is small, and the grinder wheels are removed to access the holes for bolting. However, it still suffices when it comes to simple tasks around your workshop.

  • It comes compacted to maximize its lightweight ability
  • It fits in the lot of all cheap bench grinders on the market
  • It comes with protection shields and a flex light for vision enhancement
  • With its weak vibrations, it has a smooth operation and doesn’t produce much noise
  • Grinding large materials is somewhat tricky; it is difficult to use it on heavy duty industrial works
  • Bolting it to the tables calls for extra tasks that waste a lot of time
  • The motor is relatively weak

4. SKIL 3380-01 6-Inch – Most Versatile Bench Grinder

It is the most popular bench grinder that comes with a relatively small motor, but with amazing suitability for many works in your workshop. If you are looking, therefore, for a grinder that is the most versatile and easy to use, I will recommend SKIL 3380-01. It is a six-inch tool and comes with two wheels; one for coarse grinding and the other one for medium grinding. Almost all its components can be detached; this makes it very easy when switching or changing its wheels. With its small motor power, it runs smoothly and doesn’t produce much noise. If you are in search of a bench grinder that consumes less power and is still efficient, this is your tool.

  • It comes fitted with LED lights and a clear view guard for amazing visual enhancement during work
  • It is highly effective in handling small tasks
  • It has rubber anti-skid feet for stability during grinding
  • Its versatility allows you to work with several materials without too many adjustments to fit them
  • It has a tool rest that can be detached and equipped with a different one, to fit different tasks
  • For extended uses, the motor is weak
  • It is inappropriate for large tools and projects. With almost the same size as your hand motor size, hand and item position will be challenging
  • It doesn’t have a cooling system and might overheat

3. JET 577102 JBG-8A 8-Inch – Best Heavy-Duty Grinder

You should seriously consider JET 577102 bench grinder if your workshop deals with large and heavy duty grinding. This grinder boasts two wheels powered by an industrial high-grade 1HP motor that produces the most efficient results with utmost precision. However powerful it is, this tool works with incredible smoothness that is welcome to task performance. It has low vibrations, which makes it easy to use. Its stability is enhanced by non-skid rubber feet and holes for bolting down when necessary. It has a sleek design and comes with iron wheel guards and vents for dust, which makes it safe for one to use. It is durable and is designed with sealed ball bearings, which are already lubricated for smooth running. As an 8-inch bench grinder, it is versatile as it can handle many common jobs in the industry and our workshops.

  • Very sturdy with one horse power high-grade motor
  • It comes with adjustable eye shields and dust vents for safety
  • Its heavy-duty toggle switches are highly guarded
  • It is fully enclosed and comes with pre-lubricated ball bearing for efficiency
  • The look is appealing and is very powerful
  • Despite its amazing stability, its wheels tend to wobble
  • It is hefty
  • It is among the high price bench grinders on the market

2. Sunex 5002A – Best Price/Best feature Bench Grinder

The most notable feature about this bench grinder is its lightweight. It enhances vision and precision of the work being done. It has been designed to uphold stability and comes with non-skid rubber feet on top of its aluminum tool rests with a sturdy iron base that reduces vibrations during grinding. The mounting hole on its base allows for simplicity during setup. Nonetheless, it comes with two wheels; the 36 grit wheel for coarse grinding and another 60 grit wheel for medium or soft grinding. The amazing eye adjustability feature is another thing that makes its operations smooth. It also enhances your safety regardless of the task you are handling. Sunex 5002A has its wheels secured with trigger guards.

  • It has a great value and is worth every penny
  • It has a strong base and is stable making it produce even fewer vibrations during grinding
  • It is equipped with a flex light that enhances vision and helps one avoid eye stress
  • Its powerful motor and a sturdy build elongates its life
  • It is versatile and fits various jobs
  • The aluminum tool rests get flimsy over time and tend to bend
  • It still isn’t the lightest on the market
  • The notable disadvantage is its lack of rear exhaust ports; this is an inconvenience to some
  • Some users complained about too many vibrations

1. Metabo DS 200 8-Inch – Best for Industrial Use

If you are looking for a reliable bench grinder that will not disappoint you, Metabo DS 200 is my recommendation for you. Though it is designed to fit modern heavyduty works, this product is best for your workshop as well. Although a bit heavy, it hasn’t been disadvantaged and comes highly efficient. Its setup is easy and can be operated by anyone. It has different color switches to differentiate the power on and off easily. Despite being a little noise-free, it features an incredible maintenance-free induction motor that produces fewer vibrations during work. For safety precautions and emergencies, Metabo DS comes installed with a dust-protection stop switch. What is even more appealing and highly useful among its features is that it comes with a customizable surface work support without any tools. It works well with all grinding surfaces, smooth or coarse.

  • It comes highly constructed with an incredible finish and is compacted to occupy less space in your workshop
  • It comes with a single-phase powerful motor for large projects without overheating
  • Metabo DS is highly durable as it is cast with aluminum all over
  • It has easy maintenance compared to other bench grinders
  • It is expensive
  • Despite its usefulness, it is heavy
  • Although it doesn’t overheat, it doesn’t have a cooling system

Buyers Guide: What Should You Consider when Buying a Bench Grinder?

As mentioned earlier, buying a bench grinder for some people has never been an easy thing. If the above reviews are still not sufficient to make you arrive at a decision, here is what you should put into consideration before buying one that best suits all your needs.


Who wouldn’t want a product, regardless of its purpose, that is durable? Therefore, this is the first thing to consider. The durability of a bench grinder is determined by the material used to construct it. Some are constructed from aluminum casts while others are steel or iron. These elements have different durability levels. Our list, however, has the best and most durable bench grinders that you might like.

You should note that for durability, every machine needs regular and proper maintenance. Your bench grinder is no exception.

The Grinding Wheel

One size doesn’t fit all. Different bench grinders have different grinding wheels. Before determining what type of grinding wheel you want to purchase, you should perfectly conversant with the kinds of work you will be dealing with. Is it for home use or is it for industrial use? If it is for home use, you might need a grinder that is portable and is ideal for small and light works. Consequently, for large or industrial projects, you want a grinder that has wheels best suited for heavy purposes and is highly stable.


The motor drives the grinding wheel. You wouldn’t want to by a grinder with a weak motor that will soon die rendering your grinder useless. The size of the motor will also determine the materials it can work with. Hard materials or large metal calls for a bigger and a powerful grinder as opposed to light projects in your workshop. Light projects will require a less powerful grinder, which saves on energy in the end. In short, this factor also depends on the type of work you’re considering.


Look for a grinder that is simple to use, is highly flexible and versatile for all your needs. If you are looking to work on different projects, perhaps a bench grinder with easy to change wheels, for other uses, should be your choice. Here, you can also look for a grinder that can be operated even in the dark i.e. the on and off switches should be clearly differentiated. One with a flex light would be ideal as well.

Other attachments that suit your personal preferences should also be considered. For example, eye shields, water trays for cooling and dust collectors should come in handy.

Speed Settings

If versatile work is your thing, perhaps you should look into buying a bench grinder that has variable speed settings. This way, you can adjust it to fit various needs, including sharpening or grinding of light or heavy materials.

Time it takes to start

This is one factor many people overlook not knowing that it is important. When you set out to by a bench grinder, it is important that one considers the load speed and its soft start as well. Some grinders, even after stopping, continue spinning for a long time before theystop completely. Similarly, others have a start time that makes you waste precious moments before you begin your work. This is a disadvantage as it is recommended to start working when the grinder has reached full speed. A bench grinder with a soft start that takes a short time to reach full speed is the solution here.

Safety Concerns

Safety is everyone’s concern. Therefore, this should be on the top of your priorities. Some grinders have the tendency to overheat; this could prove dangerous when handling certain projects. Other protective gears should be worn, like goggles, gloves etc.


Is a grinder ideal for sharpening large metal objects or materials?
Yes, if it is strong, heavy, stable, and has wheels fitted for its support. Most grinders found online tend to be suitable for home use.
How often should the bench grinder be maintained?
Depending on the frequency of its use, regular maintenance by oiling and cleaning is ideal.You should also clean your bench grinder every few months.
My grinder is shaking, why is that?
Bench grinders tend to get wobbly at times. However, if it shakes abnormally, the wheel might be cracked. Check it and replace it asap.
I’m unsure of what grinder I have, how do I know?
Attached to the disc is a paper that should tell you the type of grinder you have.


For many people, finding the best bench grinder is a thing that is taken seriously because of its wide usage. Whether it is for sharpening, grinding or polishing, they want it to do the work impeccably. With the many different types of grinders on the market, choosing the best will not only save you the trouble of having to struggle with your work, but it will also make it worth the money you spend on it.

The above reviews serve to help you buy the best bench grinder. Be it the best budget, the unique, the industrial, the all-around grinder, you won’t miss one that caters for all your needs.

Best Bench Grinder 2019 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide
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